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Breathe Carolina by kriskoelewijnphotography on Flickr.

 Look! Breathe Carolina is on the cover of Alt Press Japan! What do you guys think?!

 In honor of Savage Mondays today you can UNLOCK the Dirty Pop Remix of our song “Bang It Out!”Unlock it now at!

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Breathe Carolina | Release “Collide” Music Video

Breathe Carolina have now released a music video for their track “Collide” which is taken off of Savages. Check it out! 

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It’s finally out and I am so HAPPY!  I love this album so much because there is something to dance to, relate to and sing your heart out too. Such a fantastic album. I’m so proud of Breathe Carolina and this album.  Best one everrrrr. <3 
If you want, you can buy it on iTunes here: But if you go buy it in stores at Target, FYE, or Best buy you will get a surprise inside!